About Maria Meier

Maria Meier Takes Diversity to a Whole New Level

Maria Meier is a multi-faceted professional with extensive experience as a senior-level Congressional staffer, an award-winning communications consultant, and an inclusion expert.


For two-decades she built a career in public service that had as its uniting thread, increasing opportunities for more voices to be heard.  She served in leadership offices in both houses of Congress.  Recognized for her work leading an effort to increase staff diversity on Capitol Hill, she was named by National Journal as one of the most powerful women staffers.


Her specialty is developing programs and people — all the while building processes and procedures. From the local government level, Capitol Hill and the private sector, Maria’s keen understanding of how to build coalitions and communicate across lines are reflected in the depth and effectiveness of her every endeavor. She’s got an undeniable talent in solving problems for the organization and helping individuals develop personally and professionally.


What drives her? It’s her belief in the intersection of personal development and political empowerment.  She understands that leadership doesn’t just happen.  She has seen the importance of arming individuals and groups with skills and training, so they can step into their own unique power.  She knows that all voices deserve a seat at the table and that it’s not just about diversity, but that lasting meaningful change comes about by building true inclusion.

Meet the Projects

Moving mountains with muscle and moxie…. and a little bit of magic. Advancing people and policies with common understanding.

Change Makers

Make the most of your team by building a culture that prioritizes inclusion at every level. Ideas are bigger, problems are solved faster, and the health of your organization improves dramatically. Workshops, inclusion plans, curriculum, and retreats for c-suite decision-makers, executive directors, lawmakers, and institutions.

High Achieving Individuals

Go from living to thriving! Expand your world AND leave it a nicer place for the next person. Coaching, public speaking, and retreats for high-achieving individuals seeking to elevate their leadership skills and professional development.

Passionate Public Servants

Positively impact scores of peoples’ lives with your ability to build coalitions and communicate across lines. Get things done and push ideas forward for innovation or reform. Trainings and advocacy for senior officers, community leaders, career changers, and law makers.

What miracles are on your mind?

Do you have a burning desire to make a change in yourself or your organization? Are you an advocate for diversity and inclusion? Do you have an idea for a program or policy that needs an expert consultant to get off the ground?