What’s the Special Sauce?

Even if you have the best programs and policies, it’s hard to make an impact when communities don’t know each other.
Plot a clear path to manifest the results you’re working toward.
Create a plan that taps into an established network, bringing key connections to the table and facilitating conversation.
Get the help you need to implement, evaluate, and iterate.

Get Maria on your team.

Workshops, Retreats & Professional Development

Facilitated by Maria Meier, Inclusion Expert and a 20-year veteran of public service on Capitol Hill. Get the insight & training your organization needs to build cognitive diversity — and thrive.

Curriculum & Inclusion Plans

From corporate to non-profit, from think tank to legislative, the most successful organizations have a plan. Institutivonalize best practices that build diversity through deliberate inclusion policies.

Personal Empowerment Coaching

Is your management style to lead from behind? Give yourself (or your team) the gift of professional development and learn the communication strategies that empower a diverse organization to prosper.

Get inspired with Public Speaking

There’s nothing like the feeling of intense motivation when you really connect with a Talk. Your perspective shifts, you broaden your understanding, and the idea come faster than you can write them down. Get that kind of experience when Maria presents her Signature Talks at Conferences and Keynotes. She’s pretty awesome at Breakouts, Panels, and Roundtables, too.

Spark the motivational moxie with Maria Meier. 

Next Steps

Reach out to Maria Meier to schedule a 30-minute consultation about your problem, program, or policy.